Malaysian ice skater C. Sree Abiraame, is the country’s youngest athlete to win most medals in the year of 2019 and had successfully emerged in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR). She has been actively participating in figure and speed ice skating from the age of three. 

Abiraame’s dream is to take part in the most prestigious competition, that is the 2024 Winter Youth Olympics in Korea, and the 2026 Winter Olympics in Italy. However, her family is financially drained and are seeking donations to help fund for her training expenses which is currently taking place at the International Figure Skating Academy, Riga in Latvia. 

The cost of leasing a rink, which was roughly EUR 10 (RM50) per hour, has escalated to EUR 120 (RM600) per hour, requiring four hours of preparation per day. She was formerly willing to share the rink with ten participants, but because of COVID-19, the young girl now has to practise alone.

Updates on Sree Abiraame’s donations & costing (07th February 2021):

Abiraame’s father Chendren Balakrishnan, an engineer who runs his own consulting company, had to sell a home, a car and tap into the savings of his Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) to help fund the training of his daughter with his wife, Shyamala Ramachandran, in Latvia.

The Kingsley International School student has racked up over 40 medals throughout several championships. The family has initiated a crowdfunding campaign in the form of the Sree Abiraame Foundation to keep her in training. 

Those who are keen to contribute a small amount of money, don’t hesitate to channel it via the CIMB bank account of the Yayasan Sree Abiraame at 80-1046165-0 or contact them at 016-248080808.