Nothing is impossible if you put your heart and mind to it! Clearly depicting that, even during the most trying moments in life, if there’s a will and the right person next to us, there’s always a way to accomplish what we want successfully.

When everyone were hushed away to stay at home and business withered for entrepreneurs due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, this enterprising team of four incepted their ultimate goal and dream, embarking on a new business venture.

Successful in their respective careers in the corporate world and driven by a strong passion to start their own business,  the four of them got onboard the journey and made it a reality on 5 September 2020 with the launch of their very own homegrown brand FLICKSS!

Photo Credit : Barathan Amuthan

Conversations and ideas spoken during each meet up’s were put to work during the most prevalent time of the year for this group of friends whom were the perfect fix to each other’s puzzle.

Photo Credit : Barathan Amuthan

Flickss – is game of Cards Played as the jeez of fun during their meet ups.

As they continued enlightening us on their pathway to establishing FLICKSS, one question that kept pondering at the back of our mind was, how did they make it work during this strenuous period?

The team made sure they kept in touch via every online tool available and they constantly uplifted each other’s spirit and made sure they were there for one another amidst being withheld from physical meet up’s.

And 6 months down the road, they did it!

Photo Credit : Barathan Amuthan

This game has 2 decks of cards; yellow being Qolly Act , which is a charade and BLUE being, qolly quiz, which tests your kollywood movie knowledge 

FLICKSS is a real mood flicker for moviephiles to ignite joy and laughter immediately! Present at the launch, we were able to experience this game instantly breaking the ice among everyone present there and had the whole group merging well with one another instantaneously!

“The soul reason to birthing this card game was to bring back the fun and joy we used to have during our childhood days where we were more available to our surrounding and open to embracing the people we had and not get engrossed on the technologies that are ever so ready around us”, explained one of FLICKSS business partner.

Photo Credit : Barathan Amuthan

The game can be one hack of puzzle and may freeze your brain all for the better, getting you searching through every memory of yours on a character of a movie, the role they played and the respective movies they have acted in!

The deck of cards are sold at a very affordable rate of RM60 for two.

Head over here, to purchase the deck of cards at their best rate now!

The good news is, there are no rules and regulations as to the number of people who can play the game. The game goes by the saying, ‘the more, the merrier!’ Go on, grab your group of friends to a table of FLICKSS.

Photo Credit : Barathan Amuthan

Go Grab yourself a deck if you are a Cinephile, trust us …this game is SUPER ADDICTIVE!