Kangana Raut being the epitome of bravery and diversity, made a debut in a movie called Simran back in 2017. The movie was an instant bomb, becoming a Bollywood blockbuster garnering ₹276.9 million.

The movie depicting the life of an Indian divorcee who lives with her parents while facing the ups and downs of life, is a movie that will get you hooked to the screens and at the same time, you may find yourself relating to some of the scenes.


This story is based on a true event, of a lady called Sandeep Kaur an Indian-American, who has been involved in several bank robberies across Arizona, California and Utah in 2014, earning the name “Bombshell Bandit” from the FBI for her tremendous courage and style of robbery. She then surrendered to the police officers herself, was sentenced to a one-year jail term and released early due to good conduct.

Upon her release, she sold her story to a prominent director in The Bollywood industry for USD$50,000!

Kangana is the heartbeat of this movie and she plays the character of Praful Patel. She justifies every single scene that is formed around her, carrying her role remarkably with an intent to entertain her audiences. Simran was directed by Hansel Mehta, the National Film Award Winner for best director and penned by Apurva Asrani.

Nevertheless, she does not allow Praful to be led down to a comical character at any juncture in the film, thereby maintaining the underlying poignancy of her tale well.

Being a divorcee is always an element of prodigy to the eyes of indian society.

Our backs will never be tapped on for the courage we build to walk out of A toxic marriage, but mocked, under the name “rebellious” for breaking it. 

After years of being devoted to a job as a housekeeper in a hotel, 30-year-old divorcee, Praful, finally takes a break from her family and goes on a holiday with her cousin, Amber, to Texas.

As the culture shock from the party city takes over her, she ends up gambling all her life savings.

Forced into desperate measures to get her money back, she goes back to the state and ends up borrowing money from a thug who then threatens her life, leading her to rob banks to pay him back, earning the name “Simran-The Lipstick Bandit.”

Even during desperate times of her life when she does seek the help of her father, he puts her under so much strain and pressure to either marry the guy of his choice or face the wrath from her own father if she rejects the suitor.

In the sequel of the movie, there are few prevalent issues highlighted creatively, denoted in each scene of how asians are judged and stereotyped by westerners, any robber that is armed is instantly defined as a terrorist and how terrified indian women are of the judgement and critics that befall them by their own family.

such scenarios are very Common taboo issues of the society but often brushed under the carpet, in order to present themselves as a civilised community.

Kangana Ranaut, is renowned for her natural yet brilliance acting and is also equally respected for her outspokenness, bold character and dazzling personality. In the span of her 14-year career, she has certainly made a name for herself gaining the respect of her fans and her colleagues in Bollywood.

She has always been the talk of the town for her courage and mind blowing versatility she exhibits in taking up any role given to her, nailing it perfectly. 

Simran marks one of her best movies yet, alongside Fashion and Queen that won her two consecutive National Awards, Tanu Weds Manu and Manikarnika. She always never fails to out do herself, seizing the screen with her outstanding performances!

Simran is definitely a must watch film, one that would open your eyes and mind like never before.