Vijay TV’s reality TV show Villa To Village is probably the next big thing after Arya’s Enga Veetu Mapillai. 

The show is inspired by Paris Hilton’s The Simple Life, where we see eight rich, city-bred girls take up the challenge to live in a village for 45 days. The girls will live in with the villagers, sleep and wake up according to the villager’s timing, and perform all the task the villagers do on a daily basis.

Upon arriving at the villages, the girls were invited to the village temple for a ceremony. All the girls were given sarees and accessories so they can doll themselves up for the ceremony. One girl, however, refused the saree. Her name is Gayathri.

Gayathri, who sports short hair and prefers sweaters and jeans as opposed to dresses, said she will not wear the saree as it doesn’t agree with her mind and personality. Her host tried to persuade her, but to no avail. She politely explained that this is not her, and she will not feel comfortable being someone that she’s not.

Eventually, Gayathri showed up at the festival with a shirt and veshti. The village crowd, even though shocked, did not berate her. They accepted her as she was and carried on with the ceremony.

“I hope you can all accept me as I am – as I don’t wish to change. I want to stay true to myself.” Gayahtri told the crowd.