On the latest episode of Enga Veetu Mapillai, Arya was presented with the daunting task of eliminating two girls from the Top 5. The five remaining girls were Abarnathy, Swetha, Agatha, Seetha Lakshmi, and Susanna.

We were all on the edge of our seats as we watched the five remaining girls try their hardest to remain calm in the midst of so much tension.

Susanna was the first girl to get called to continue the journey. After that, Arya surprisingly eliminated Swetha. This came as a shock because he and Swetha always appeared to have great chemistry between them.

After eliminating Swetha, Arya called Agatha to safety.

Both Abarnathy and Seetha Lakshmi were in the bottom two. Arya picked up the bouquet and walked towards Seetha Lakshmi to ask her to continue the journey, and she said yes. This means that Abarnathy is eliminated.

Unlike all the girls who got eliminated before her, Abarnathy refused to accept Arya’s decision. She seemed to be in utter disbelief for a whole minute, and then mustered enough strength to ask Arya why he chose to eliminate her.

“I cannot believe this. Are you playing with me? Where did I go wrong? What was my mistake?” she asked Arya.

Arya carefully explained that he tried really hard but failed to connect with her romantically. He also couldn’t see her as his wife. Abarnathy started tearing up and was adamant that he made the wrong decision.

“I have tried to make things work between us, but her dominant side kept being a problem. She keeps giving orders and trying to dominate everything I do. I’ve given her plenty of chances. I don’t know how to progress from there, so it’s best I say goodbye now,” Arya explained.

“I’m not leaving. I cannot accept your decision. I’m staying here. You can do whatever you want, but I’m staying,” Abarnathy said.

Both Arya and Sangeetha continued to pacify her and explain that feelings cannot be forced. Sangeetha even had to raise her voice and be very stern because Abarnathy kept ignoring everything she was saying.

“You have to respect Arya’s decision,” Sangeetha said, but Abarnathy kept insisting that she will not leave the place without Arya.

Eventually, Arya decided to take her off-camera and continue to talk her down.