Radikaa, one of the most versatile actors in the Tamil film industry, is well-known for her TV serials. When news emerged of the revival of her ’90s blockbuster mega serial Chithi 2, her fans went berserk.

As a Pongal treat, Sun TV has released a promo for Chithi 2, that will be premiering at 9.00 pm on their channel on January 27, Monday.

The short clip begins with a long shot of a rice field, a flock of ducks running through the ridge, establishing the setting of Chithi 2. A young girl in search of someone and the colourful, elaborate visuals lead us to Radikaa (cue the iconic call “Chithiii”), dressed in a bright green and pink saree.


The series debuted on TV in 1999, ran for 467 episodes, ending in 2001. Housework and homework would cease in all Malaysian Tamil households at 9.30 pm sharp on weekdays, as the family gathered in front of the television and sat through the five minute long intro song of Chithi.

It is fair to say that Chithi firmly established Tamil television serials led by women, and since then, many have been made on similar lines. Production house Radaan, founded by Radikaa Sarathkumar, made Chithi and other successful shows; Arasi, Selvi and Chellame, all starring her.

Radikaa, who has had most of her serials telecast on Sun TV. She is also actively part of films. Last seen in Market Raja MBBS, she has Vaanam Kottatum, Dhruva Natchathiram, Jail, and Kuruthi Aattam among other films up for release this year.