BAERIYANI: Brown Babes, Briyani and Bonding

First of all, the wordplay has so much WIN!

Baeriyani (a portmanteau of the words ‘Bae’ and ‘Briyani’) is the party that we never knew we needed till now. Popular Malaysian entrepreneur and influencer, Harmini Asokumar, conceived the idea of a Briyani bonding party when she found that her followers kept requesting to meet up as they couldn’t find like minded friends. Harmini, who has a knack at party planning, decided to connect with her followers in a place outside of the virtual world with the inaugural Baeriyani.

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Artpreneur and influencer, Harmini Asokumar

The first Baeriyani party was hosted in a double storey AirBnB home and accommodated 30 brown girls who wanted to broaden their network horizons. In true sisterhood spirit, Harmini roped in fellow art influencer, Karthine of TMK Henna, to join forces in bringing this idea to life.

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Artist, Karthine Maniam of TMK Henna

The ambience at Baeriyani looked like one of those uber cool Taylor Swift pool parties that were organised for the who’s who of Hollywood. Pink flamingos, fern art and orchid garlands set the mood for this tropical summer themed party.

Karthine delivered a talk on her artistic inspirations and purpose before conducting a small art workshop. The participants got to create their own artwork with some help from Karthine and Harmini.

Karthine of TMK Henna speaking at Baeriyani

Baeriyani has successfully turned strangers on Instagram into an allegiance of Baes, united by the power of art and aromatic Briyani. Don’t worry if you missed out on the first round! Harmini confirmed with us that Baeriyani 2.0  is happening really soon and it will be in support of a charitable organisation.

Watch this space for more announcements

Say Bae!

PS: We believe in equal representation of Briyani in media, so here goes.