EXCLUSIVE: DJ Dasz Successfully Stamped His Name In The Malaysia Book of Records

Passion fueled extraordinary feats.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

DJ Dasz, who has been rocking the stage recently with his spectacular DJ-ing skills, recently made an incredible accomplishment.

Kalidassh Punusamy, fondly known as DJ Dasz successfully jotted down his name in the Malaysia Book of Records for a remarkable feat of achieving the “Longest Non-Stop DJ Mixing Walk” for 12 hours 27 minutes and 22 seconds for about 31km. He played Tamil, Hindi, Malay, Chinese, Dugem, English, Thailand and also EDM songs. 

The location that he spread his musical pixie dust was :-

  • Brickfields (Starts)
  • Kl Sentral
  • Dataran Merdeka
  • Petaling Street
  • Jalan Alor
  • Changkat
  • Pavilion KLCC
  • PJ (Ends)

Speaking to Varnam Malaysia, curiously asked about how he came up with this unique idea of spinning a disc while walking, DJ Dasz said this whole idea was inspired by DJ SUAT. SUAT is the roving DJ who brings the rave to the public by hitting the streets with a livestream DJ session. “He attempted this previously, but he didn’t do it for 12 hours non-stop or set any other records for this,” he explained.


I almost give up..

“It was difficult. I nearly wanted to give up at the 7th hour. But the number of viewers in Tik Tok doesn’t allow me to give up (Around 2k-3k viewers for 12 hours),” DJ Dasz says, emphasizing that he was highly motivated to go on looking at the online supporters and well wishers who were there showering him with tons of encouragements. 

Well, he added that he had never walked this far in his life at one time, which is about 31 kilometres.

“Fellow Malaysians are happy to see my Malay slang and surprised by my fluency in Malay languange,” he expressed, noting that encountering the reaction and response from the audience witnessing him throughout the MBR attempt journey.  


Fun Fact: DJ Dasz is a primary school teacher who is currently educating students at SK La Salle, PJ. He has been serving as an educator for 11 years.

Deep diving into why and what makes him attempt this record, the teacher by profession and DJ by passion, further divulges some fascinating reasons. 

The son of a taxi driver and a housewife, DJ Dasz said that seeing his father travel long distances, with days of sleepless nights, it drives him to try this long ride with his passionate job. “This is where the idea of 12 hours sparked in.”

The father of one also said, “Apart from that, the amount of rejection and humiliation that I received from the DJ industry made me do something extraordinary,”

“This could be a motivation for budding DJs, as social media has the power to have a positive impact on them too.” he continues. 

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The Next Voyage ~

As the next step, DJ Dasz is all set to dive into being an ENTREPRENEUR. “I am going to sell masala tea on Tik Tok. “Dasz Masala Party Tea” soon. Get the taste with vibes soon.” he excitedly said. Do follow him in Tik Tok @djdasz9 to check out his work. 

The 35-year-old extends his heartfelt gratitude to all of those who stood by him throughout this entire journey. 

  • My father in law (Arumugam A/L Periasamy) –  For designing the DJ Deck frame. They get it done at “AL Ham Enterprise“, Bahau. (He is my technical head lead for this record)
  • My mother in law (Indarani A/P Nadason) – For showering with endless support, providing healthy food and first aid kit  
  • My lovely wife (Thilagah Arumugam), the head crew for the record  – For being a backbone and encouraging me in whatever I do. (We achieved this together)
  • My son (Tharunneshh) – I want him to see me as his hero, to achieve more in life, this is an inspiration for him.

Also, not forgetting my other family members who supported me :- 

Punusamy a/l Suppiah , Susela Karapakutti, Paremeswari , Tamo, Mitra, Shavina,Elina , Kumareshan, Kalaivani, Thivyian, Mitra,Thaneshan, Vickneshan , Maithili, Tanushkha, Nyanam , Shankar, Thiviyian,Rakshini , Theeba, Thilagah, Tharunneshh, Thean Malar, Balamurugan , Devan , Komathi, Yashmitra.


My Crew Members: 

Thean Malar- Photographer and Videographer 

Balamurugan – Route Guider

DJ RESH-V  – Escort + Food suppliers 

Hari Prakash- Escort 

Hady- Escort (Joined me in Brickfields while I’m going back to PJ during the MBR attempt, he saw me in Tik Tok and joined the journey with me) 

Theeba – Emergency Crew

A special thanks to :-

M Sky Bar Management (Dinesh Kumar and Angelena Moses), DMY Creation, Malik Streams Corporation, Vetree Production, HD Entertainment, Red Giant Empire & Tamilan Sound and Lighting. 

My teachers;

Cikgu Subra – Batu Pahat High School

Coach Tambu Krishnan – Penang running coach 

MR Kuppusamy – My lecturer-IPGM BAINUN

Raja anne- Businessman and a motivational speaker

Dj Jolly- My first DJ teacher 

Dj Ramsey Westwood- My second DJ tutor and my production teacher

Turntablist Instructor – DJ Smith, until today he is my strongest support. 

 Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures. – Joseph Campbell,

The above words aptly represent DJ Dasz, who proved that pursuing your passion can help you do unbelievable things despite all of your obstacles.

Check this out :-

Congratulations DJ Dasz for this mind-blowing feat & best of luck with your future endeavors! 

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