With fresh stories and perspectives, FUTURE FRESH 2020 are elevating hip-hop higher than ever before!

Hip-hop is a competitive genre where only the best and outstanding ones survive.  Psycho.unit’s Rabbit Mac is exclusively bringing FUTURE FRESH 2020, Malaysia’s Tamil Hip Hop showcase by introducing new and potential rappers into the local rapping scene. Slated to be the first annual YouTube series in the local Hip Hop community, the series will emphasise on showcasing their style, skills, bars and rap flow. 


In an exclusive telephone conversation with Varnam, Rabbit Mac revealed that a total of 40 budding rappers are on the rise. Meanwhile, FUTURE FRESH also introduces a co-genre ‘Tamil TrapHop 2020’ which is a crossover between Trap and Tamizh Rap. This would be the first Tamizh rap cypher series showcasing the freshest Tamizh emcees and producers of 2020. 

The Tamil Hip-Hop industry has grown rapidly in these last few years, hence the rap scene is the surest way to build a lane for the unique rap brand we hear now. The industry has witnessed many greats over the years featuring rapper extraordinaire’ Rabbit Mac, Yogi B, Roshan Jamrock from K Town Clan and McSyze. For this project, Rabbit Mac will be collaborating with his entertainment label PU4LYF Entertainment, Plastic Entertainment, Spinnup Asia, JD Sports Malaysia, Monster Energy, and Retro Group Asia.

If you dream of becoming a rapper and want to hear the audiences cheer you on when you drop a beat, this is your chance to live your dream!

Tag your rapping, free-styling or beat making videos and hashtag #futurefresh2020! All the very best!