It was all fun and laughs, but the time has come for Arya make the tough decision.

After spending two weeks with all 16 girls on his reality TV show, Enga Veetu Mapillai, Arya has chosen two girls to be eliminated from the show.

Two girls are are Ancy, a training consultant from Kerala, and Malvena, a model, YouTuber and actress from Bangalore. Arya said he made that decision after failing to connect with the two girls.

Both Ancy and Malvena displayed utmost shock on their faces when they realised that they will no longer be continuing on in this journey to potentially become Arya’s wife.


All the girls who have received a token of love from Arya from the start of the show were safe from elimination – but their immunity expires with the departure of Ancy and Melvena. The remaining 14 girls will have to start from scratch to earn their love tokens again.

So far, only Agatha and Naveena have had the chance to join Arya on a romantic and intimate dinner date.

Swetha and Susanna scored a surprise gym date with Arya.

And the drama continues! Stay tuned on on Varnam.MY for further updates on Enga Veetu Mapillai.