Last Friday on Enga Veetu Mapillai, the girls were tested on their home-making skills on the show.

The ladies were put to a few challenges; identifying different types of lentils while blindfolded, identifying grains while blindfolded, sewing, making sambar, and many more.

 Susana and Navena were pitted against each other in the first challenge – where they had to identify different of lentils with a blindfold on. Navena, who won the cooking challenge a few weeks earlier, didn’t live up to expectations – she failed to name any of it. It was Susana who managed to name three of five different lentils, and emerged winner of the challenge.

Aside from that, her sewing skills also won the hearts of the judges – who pronounced her the winner of the home-making challenge. As the winner, Susana received her third Token of Love from Arya, which means she is safe from the next elimination.