The third season of Bigg Boss Tamil began on Sunday and the highly controversial show has managed to rope in Rajinikanth into its web of conspiracy.

Prior to the contestants moving into the Bigg Boss house, the media and a few social media influencers were allowed a tour of the newly renovated premises. This season, the team that designed the house appear to have taken the theme South Indian Colourful Crayon Box.

From murals of Ravana (both one headed and ten headed versions) to a floor to ceiling painting of Kamal Hassan’s pastoral avatar, Virumaandi, the house is so overdone with colour that the contestants must feel like they are living inside the Super Deluxe film.


One particular influencer noticed that there was a mural of Rajinikanth painted on one of the two walls in the house, opposite that of Kamal’s Virumaandi. This however, was missing when the first episode of the show aired. He obviously tweeted about it.

This was a Code Red Superstar emergency, and the Rajinikanth fans didn’t take it lightly. They even resorted to hurling accusations towards Kamal Hassan for forcibly removing his nemesis’ picture.

Reports are now rife that Kamal was not behind the devious attack on Superstar. A source has confirmed, “Rajini’s image shows him smoking a cigarette. That’s one of the reasons why the creative team of the show decided to remove it. However, the fans took it personally.”

Of course, how can they encourage smoking to 14 sane adults who are aware of the pitfalls of the habit? Oh wait, there’s 15 of them, 1 person was in the smoking room next door.