Malaysian television host Sree Sonic has released a video on his YouTube channel, strongly discouraging Malaysian Indians from calling themselves “India mabuk” which roughly translates to drunken Indians.

He talks about how it is impossible that all the alcohol in Malaysia is only consumed by the small number of Malaysian Indian drinkers, and how the term has been used so often that if any mishap occurs in our community, it is attributed to alcohol abuse.

Sree also touches upon how we Malaysian Indians demonise people of our own community, merely judging people’s abilities to work based on their ethnicity. He says that racial stereotypes serve no purpose and that it needs to stop.

He recollects his journey to where he is, and how he has been blessed with meeting Malaysian Indians who are hardworking and dedicated to their professions.

Sree ends his 6 minute long video with another request, “If you cannot support someone who is trying to do good, please be quiet. That is the biggest favour you can do for the world,”

Sree Sonic regularly empowers people of the Malaysian Indian community on his Instagram page, follow him here. 

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