Malaysian choreographer Harshini Sukumaran isn’t just a performing artist. She is also a fashion designer, makeup artist and entrepreneur. Her brand, Hadhi, incorporates fashion, dance and makeup. The brand aims to serve people who want to partake in all three areas.

“People have always told me to choose one, you can’t concentrate on three areas, they said,” she tells Varnam in an exclusive interview. “If you have a good balance, and as long as your mind is in the right place and you give it your all, and believe in your cause, there is no reason why you cant do it,”

Harshini wants women to get involved with Hadhi, by way of various projects, with the long term aim of serving the underprivileged who are interested in this field.

The dancer recently made headlines when she was featured in Malaysian singer Yuna’s music video, Not The Love Of My Life.

Watch as Harshini tells Varnam about her cause here.

Keep up with Harshini’s journey in pursuing her passions on Instagram here. 

Harshini will be conducting a workshop in the upcoming Shantanand Festival of Arts. Enhanced Beauty by Hadhi will be held on the 7th and 8th of December 2019. To participate, call 03-2274 3709 or WhatsApp 016-895 2874. Alternatively, please visit the Shantanand Festival of Arts official website here.