We often recognise the Malaysian Red Crescent for its dedication towards humanitarian acts and charitable services, the organisation has been very keen to prevent and reduce suffering, wherever it may be. Their profound work has touched the lives of many over the years.

Source: New Straits Times

Each year, the MRC has expressed utmost commitment in its continuous effort to reach out to the helpless, disadvantaged and abandoned particularly during the festive season, to make sure they feel wanted and included in society. This year, with the uncertainty on whether there will be any Deepavali celebrations, many are already feeling the gloominess of having to forego their Deepavali plans. In the darkest of hours, MRC has stepped forward to help the less fortunate residing in Sri Stulang apartments in Johor Bahru.


MRC community services volunteer Rosley Abd Wahab, who was seen around distributing supplies, said they were trying to expand happiness to 11 Hindu families who will be soon celebrating Deepavali next month at their low-cost homes.

Rosley said that from the time the Covid-19 hit the nation causing the Movement Control Order (MCO) to be enforced on March 18, the breadwinners became drained due to their daily income reduction and found themselves unable to feed their families.

However, after receiving food products from the MRC, the burden of every breadwinner was eased. They felt very grateful for being able to receive the rations and shared their bountiful blessings to those equally in need around them. The MRC also provided rations to two Muslim and two Chinese families in the area.

Rosley said that the MRC finds itself grateful to be able to aid, as it also allows them to establish relations with the less privileged.  “It is in line with MRC’s core principles of voluntary service,” he said.

Thus, we could perhaps consider this as an example on ways to reach out to the underprivileged. We encourage readers to always lend a helping hand with any body, organisation or non-governmental organisation (NGO) or even individually to assist the less fortunate which ultimately leads to a happier and prosperous society.

We are creating public awareness to support the vulnerable and the poor, because as one begins to support, progressively, there will be thousands of people who would want to join us in this great endeavour.

So, go on..put a smile on someone’s face. Together, we can heal the world and make it a better place!