Malaysian Muslim bride Illi Najwa Saddique, who allegedly tied the knot with the Indian national hockey captain Manpreet Singh Pawar at a Sikh temple in Punjab, India, will be convened once she returns to the country, due to the controversies surrounding her marriage.

According to the Minister Of Religious Affairs, Ahmad Marzuk Shaary;


From the information we have received so far, the woman is still a Muslim and there has been no application from her to change her religious status. We did not receive any application from her to marry overseas.


From my readings on social media, I understand that the woman is still a Muslim and the bridegroom (Manpreet) had converted to Islam last year. We will only know the full story after we hear it from the woman herself.

Illi Najwa Saddique, the Malaysian Muslim who married the Indian hockey athlete, Manpreet Singh Pawar, was called upon by the authorities to justify both their religious status after a clip shared online of Illi and Manpreet’s Punjabi wedding ceremony, stirred a raging debate among the public.

He said the authorities were still waiting for a complete report on the case of Illi from the Johor Islamic Religious Department.


When talks surrounding her marriage became a topic of heated debate, Illi soon came forward to clarify matters and apologise for the unforeseen conflict.

Illi also verified that by the end of last year, Manpreet had converted to Islam.

Illi admitted that the couple got married on December 16th this year in a private ceremony, and they would collect their marriage certificate on Wednesday, 23rd December 2020. 

Upon the clarification, she also stated the reason behind as to why her in laws address her as “Navpreet”.

My name will always be Illi Najwa Saddique. His family has been calling me Navpreet since 2012, as it’s difficult for them to call me by my real name.

The newly weds also highlighted on their wedding video which went viral and were completely mindful on the consequences that they were bound to face.


We didn’t say that what we did was right, but we had no choice. I’m not happy about the whole process and he (Manpreet) had not agreed to it. After he found out about the news, he requested for everything to be withdrawn

After the Indian media posted the clip online, things immediately sparked on fire, leading to racial conflict in Malaysia and Manpreet immediately took charge of the issue and made sure all the clips which went viral were removed.

Hopefully with the adequate statement and clarification made by Illi, it would be deemed sufficient enough to keep the authorities from provoking the issue further.

More updates to follow!