In a pure and selfless effort to help the needy, following in the footsteps of his mother, Visaghan Shanta Mohan, an IGCSE student from St. John’s International School Kuala Lumpur conducts fundraisers to help Hospis Malaysia.

Hospis Malaysia is the first ever hospice founded in the country back in 1991, running as an independent charity to bring awareness on the importance of introducing and developing professional palliative care for those at the final stages of life.


Palliative care is offered both at home and at the day care centre by Hospis Malaysia. The predominant palliative care operation at Hospis Malaysia is palliative care at home. To support the patient’s family in ensuring the best care for the patient, they have qualified trained nurses to assist the family in caring for the patient and make them as comfortable as possible. 

To help raise funds for Hospis Malaysia, Visaghan has decided to organise a charity event online, The Ripple Effect in fond memory of Uncle Jegadeva. In hopes to attain the achievement Hospis Malaysia made last year, Visaghan aims to at least reach an amount of RM20,000 through an online Christmas and New Year bazaar.

The items that would be up for sale are Gift Envelopes & Boxes, Bags, Scarves & Sarongs, Dressing Gowns, Lucknow Chikan Kurta and Indowestern attires. They will all only be priced at RM50, RM100, RM150 and RM200.

This event is supported by Asia Weaves, with Hospis Malaysia as their beneficiary partner and supported by Make It Right Movement (MIRM).

Upon their incredible success made from the former charity event, a collaboration with Make It Right Movement (MIRM) powered by Brickfields Asia College (BAC) through the premier screening of The Return of Skywalker at a cinema in Kuala Lumpur. The initiative made a total collective amount of RM 27, 500!

Very much inspired and amazed from the success made, he intends to continue embarking on the fundraising as a yearly event!

Visaghan’s drive towards this notion has always been his family playing a major part as his backbone motivating him throughout the entire drive. His 15-year-old brother has also been included as part of this fundraising programme.

We hope Visaghan’s initiative gets a good reach and achieves the desired amount to help run and support Hospis Malaysia!