Every year, our country is hit by this unprecedented phase where the eastern and southern region states face massive flash floods completely demolishing homes and valuable possessions, leaving many astray and in despair.

As it has been extensively outlined recently, thousands are displaced and affected as their homes were reckoned and destroyed, engulfing all the precious valuables due to the massive floods. 


As heavy downpour continues to wreak havoc in Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan and Johor, the BAC Education Community intends to raise money through its fundraising website, giveback.my.

Managing Director Raja Singham of BAC Education Group, who personally witnessed the catastrophe in Pahang last Wednesday, passed over the items to those severely affected by the storm and assured them that more assistance would be underway.

For those in need, Raja Singham is hopeful that benevolent Malaysians will surely join hands and be a huge part of this initiative. 

It was hard to see those who had their homes destroyed by the floods. It
reminds us of what we sometimes take for granted. It also drives me to do more for those in trouble. In a year of unprecedented challenges, we all need to come together to help those in need. No one should be left behind. It’s time to give back.

Raja Singham further extends his gratitude and thankfulness to all that came forward to help the victims.

I would also like to thank Mr Rashid from the Raub MP’s office as well as Mr Khairul
from the Raub district office for their help to identify families in dire need of

In a noteworthy aim to help them sustain with the disaster, Giveback.my launched campaigns in Raub, Maran and Temerloh for flood victims, and within 24 hours, Malaysians united to provide vital hygiene kits for women, pampers, baby formula, mineral water, and non-perishable food products by donating RM 30,000. 

The group now highly aims to collect the money and bring forth this to the affected victims accordingly!

If you have sufficient funds, I encourage you to spare just a little bit of that. Your helping hand would go a long way.

Well Done BAC Education Group!