Millennials these days are climbing up the ladder of stardom and success reaching to great heights, achieving unfathomable success.

Recently, an enterprising 18-year-old lass is making raves, earning the spotlight in many news platforms for her remarkable international achievement as the youngest entrepreneur whilst encrypting her own success penning it down in her book!

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Harsha Ravindran began her very own startup carrying the name just as she touched the age of 17, securing an international client base consisting of more than 400 of them from various continents.

Growing with the notion to expand her knowledge and wisdom behind her business venture to over a million other teenagers in our community, this young adventurously talented young lady was born and breed in Kuala Lumpur.

Harsha first began her journey in becoming an entreprenuer at the age of 11 and started bulding websites at the age of 13. 

Being a self built entrepreneur while gracing through the tedious teenage life could have never been an easy stroll.

Harsha found her awakening call to pen her journey down in a book during her 18th birthday when it was washed with overwhelming emotions, juggling between the responsibilities of a business lady surfacing up the waves of multiple zoom meetings, emails and calls that crashed on her.

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Knowing that being an entrepreneur at a very young age comes with its pros and cons, she felt compelled to help fellow young entrepreneurs who have just gotten themselves in a business trade by writing her own book, detailing her very experience as a young entrepreneur in hopes to motivate them.

Harsha expresses that entrepreneurship could uplift a teen’s ability to witness how the world revolves;

I believe that being an entrepreneur gives students the opportunity to experience how the world works while they are still students, thus giving them an edge in the long run. But more than recommending children to learn entrepreneurship, I would urge them to ask themselves what they want to try out now and think about how they can turn what they love into a career while they are still in school.

Her struggles in moving into the niche market was never an easy pathway. Her main drawback that fell on her was obviously her young age that had many contemplating her ability to build a site whilst running it with a team of youngsters.

Earning the trust of her clients by stapling them with a solid back up from Newwave Synchronizer as her backbone gave the right lift she needed to step into the business field.

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As time ran by, in a period of one and half years, she fished a huge client base embodied from multiple continents worldwide and made it to the stage of TedEX as their speaker.

Bracing through the student life at the University of Pennsylvania simultaneously while wearing the hats of a Chief Executive Officer of StartMyName and Chief Marketing Officer of Ascendance, this girl rocks it with absolute excellence!

Good luck in all your future endeavors Harsha!