The Thaipusam festivities may have ended, but these talented people have managed to capture the devotion, lights and festive aura at the various Murugan temples around Malaysia last weekend.

We invited all photographers to tag Varnam Malaysia and use the hashtag #Thaipusamlens2020 on their Thaipusam related pictures from the 7th to the 9th of January 2020. To say that we were blown away with the talent would be an understatement.

Professional photographers Kamalesan Kamalakaran, Mogan Selvakannu and Mogethen Gowrisan have curated this list of the best Thaipusam pictures with our hashtag. All comments on the images are theirs.


Shan Clicks, @shan_6183

This image is a gorgeous depiction of the role of smartphones in documenting the festival. In addition to that, it symbolises how photography is now accessible to everyone, making the documentation of contemporary Thaipusam easy.

Shsendran George, @shsendrangeorge

Innocence and pure joy is illustrated with this image. The photographer’s choice to move closer to the subject really makes the child stand out in the photo, and contributes of an excellently composed image.

The photographer has managed to immortalise this dramatic moment. Just as the persons surrounding the subject looks stoic, the subject is in another universe. A photo with excellent placement, with a stunning composition. 

Ravivarhman, @ravi_soulz

This devotee is engaged in a moment of reflection as evidenced by his facial expression. He is illuminated within a frame of darker toned background and there is an air of solitude. A well thought image. 

Raj Photography, @raj___photography

The elaborate decoration on the kavadi almost covers the upper half body of the devotee, making the kavadi a larger component of the devotee’s body. This symbolises the devotee’s dedication towards his penance. The colour yellow is dominant but not overdone. A very tasteful image.

Interesting image. The many small kodams almost look like an armour on his body. And the obstruction of the eyes gives a sense of curiosity and mystery. Interesting portrait.

Karthik, @_karthik_01

Contemplation in a child devotee. The facial expression on the child shows a moment of reflection and peace. The child posture and facial expression almost illustrates a representation of child Lord Muruga.

Priyatachni Subramanie, @drapetomonia_shots

A moment of intimacy. This time with the devotee comforting a loved one. This is an important representation of the tiny, pertinent things that happen during Thaipusam. The tight composition makes the personal moment more evident.

Barathan Amuthan, @baratanh

This is a well captured image. Street performers during a festival stand out among the crowd. The use of vibrant colours is tasteful. Well composed too.

Sivabalan, @sivabalancs

A breath of fresh air. The photographer’s timing in capturing this moment is good. The harmony of the colour gold in the image is good. The moment itself, showing a conversation between the little gods is a nice touch.

A lovely moment shared between father and son. Both the father and the onlooker’s smile contrasts the curious facial expression of the boy. Soft and lovely colour tone.

Lingesh R, @linguini_93

This photographer has beautifully captured the calm amidst the storm of Thaipusam. A quiet moment of devotion and possibly introspection beautifully immortalised.

Siva, @siva_wwc

This photographer is most well known for his drone shots of Thaipusam. An aerial view of the thousands of devotees is depicted beautifully in this shot. His choice of the subject was fantastic, and it shows a real knack for the creative. The density of the crowd surrounding the chariot is stunning in contrast to the chariot itself. Ultimately, the vivid colours win our hearts. 

Gobu, @deejay_gobu

This photographer cleverly uses lines to tell a story. The devotees’ line of sight shows the direction their heading to, complemented by the lines of the stairs. We absolutely loved the inclusion of the onlookers clad in facial masks. A stunning, vibrant image. 

The photographer captures the moment fantastically using the silhouettes as a way to tell the story. The low angle only adds character to the image, emphasizing the shape and movement of the subjects. A well composed image.

Special Mention

These photographers did really well, and we were mesmerised by their captures of light and movement.

Patrick Raj, @patrickrajjj

Darvin Shinoda Rao, @darvinshinoda_rao

Rajendaran Vairavan, @rajen.vai

Tawenthiran, @tawenthirancreation

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Thaipusam (Tamil: தைப்பூசம்) is a Hindu festival celebrated mostly by the Tamil community on the full moon in the Tamil month of Thai (Jan/Feb). Thaipusam is all about faith, endurance and penance. In Malaysia, Batu Caves would be the main place to celebrate this festival with dynamic and colourful. Pilgrims need to climb 272 steps to access the temple on the hilltop. To sum up, Thaipusam is a person faith towards the Almighty. Have a blessed Thaipusam! ✨ GEARS: Camera: Sony A7iii Lens: Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 #batucaves #batucaves2020 #velvel2020 #kl #klsrimahamariammantemple #velvel #velava2020 #lordmurugan #vetrivelmuruganukkuarogara #thaipusam2020 #thaipusamlens2020 #srimahamariammantemple #milkpot #lordmuruganstatue #lordmurugan #batucavesmalaysia #batucavestemple #raagavel2020 #kavadi #2020thaipusam #murugan #murugantemple #thaipoosam #culture #vetrivel #travelphotography #murugan #tawenthirancreation

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