The highly anticipated Rajinikanth film Darbar will be released in Malaysian cinemas today.

With the initial scare of the film not being released in Malaysia, thanks to a Madras High Court injunction, local Thalaivar fans were on the edge, waiting for the verdict. This was due to a dispute between local distributor DMY Creation and Lyca Productions. The High Court judge ruled that Lyca Production needs to provide a bank guarantee to the tune of Rs 4.90 (RM 2.8mil) for the film to be released in Malaysia.

Late last night, sources revealed that Lyca Productions will sort out the pending amount, and Darbar will be released in Malaysia today.

Lotus Five Star AV, the Malaysian distributors of Darbar, took to social media to announce the good news.

Darbar will be showing across the nation, in all Malaysian states, with the exception of Kelantan and Perlis. Check out the full cinema listing here.

Where are you going to Chumma Kizhi with Thalaivar?

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