During this prevalent times, where many localites are venturing into the business world by setting up their own business, two friends with a 20-year friendship span joined hands to open up their own manicure and pedicure studio in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

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The friendship goals setter, Ajinder Kaur and Norulain Hassan met each other two decades ago when they enrolled into a private school as teachers. They hurdled some of their toughest challenges in life together.

How did the business idea come about one may wonder? Well a chat between two good friends over a cup of coffee worked its magic!


Upon discussion Norulain Hassan, initiated to open up a nail parlour for people to come over, relax and pamper themselves. Thus, Nailed It was brought to life by the two stimulating womenprenuers.

This unisex nail parlour has been a hit among netizens, many adore the classy and chic ambience yet affordable services provided at Nailed It

Bringing their vision and dream of years to life was not an easy journey for Ajinder and Norul. They had to combat immense struggles and setbacks to find the best spot to open up the salon.

In depth research were made beforehand regarding their venture till The crack of dawn Sacrificing Precious sleep to make this business work.

Just when they were about to open the doors of their business, they faced a major hitback, which was the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Crippled by the outbreak, they were also subject to many naysayers along their pathway to success, but the sedulous women held their hopes high and made it all work despite all negativity surrounding them.

Now, Nailed It has definitely nailed it to be one of the most affordable yet economical nail parlours offering the most exquisite services in town.

Nailed It has super discounted offers such as lunch time promos with only RM25 for A pedicure and RM18 for A manicure!

The notion of this venture was to aspire many other single mommies and ladies out there to chase their dreams no matter what rains on them. So ladies remember, your coffee talk with your friends can always be the first step to ignite the spark in making dreams come true for you!

Good Luck Ladies On This Endeavour and Keep Up This Amazing Work!


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