As we already know, HABIB is an internationally acclaimed jewellery brand with 60 years of rich heritage of fine jewellery design and craftsmanship, established in 1958 by Datuk Haji Habib Mohamed Abdul Latif.

They have been partnering with Italian manufacturers for more than 20 years, even before HABIB was incepted.


Traditionally, Italians have been renowned for their designs and craftsmanship in jewellery and fashion

After years of strong ties with their Italian counterparts, HABIB’s Executive Chairman, Datuk Sri Meer Habib, to steer this relationship to a new level introduced an exclusive collection that blends brilliant ideas and expertise from two markets.

As a brand with legacy, it was vital for them to adopt jewellery heritage elements to provide Malaysians with world-class quality geared to The Malaysian taste

The word Oro in Italian means gold. Generally speaking, Italian gold is made of lower gold content, but since Malaysians like jewellery made of 916 gold, HABIB has collaborated with Italian suppliers to satisfy this requirement.

After its launch in Malaysia, the collection won the hearts of Malaysians from all age groups with its modern designs

Yellow gold bracelet, white and rose 22k Bassano

Every single piece of HABIB Oro Italia 916® is delicately crafted by Italian craftsmen. Each piece is diligently created into the final product of the highest quality which embodies brilliant diamond cut. 

Yellow gold bracelets and white 22k Cavo

The interchangeable bracelets come in multicoloured gold to give you two distinct looks

22k rose gold Cleopatra bracelet

This hand-made technique on each bead by the craftsman brings out a dazzling diamond-like shine, where many have mistaken it to diamond studded. Thanks to the finest workmanship, each piece is lightweight, making it comfortable to wear and gentle on the skin.

Stella yellow gold bracelet, white and rose 22k  

The HABIB Oro 916® Italia are also at a more reasonable price point

Neha Verma, who ranked 4th in Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 and holds the title of Miss HABIB, was chosen as ambassador for the HABIB Oro Italia 916® campaign for the first time.

Her joyful and welcoming nature displays a new aura to this collection

We also invite customers to see in person and have a fulfilling experience and feel for themselves the beauty of this Oro Italia collection at the HABIB showroom in November in accordance with the HABIB Oro Italia campaign.

Also, currently running on HABIB:

  • Warehouse Cleaning Sale at Gurney Plaza, Penang (5-8 Nov)
  • Kota Bharu & Kuala Terengganu City Center (11-15 Nov)
  • Sungai Petani & Aman Central (26-29 Nov)

To learn more about the dazzling Italian Oro promotion collection, do visit HABIB’s website, Instagram and Facebook social media pages.