The maestro of fashion inhibits a rather peculiar stunning edge fashion sense, an all out man who ventures into any notable takes varying from films, debuts and directorial hereditary, this man nails it all in STYLE!

As we were all well aware of the end that came upon a trending show on Vijay TV, Biggboss Season 4, this marked a new proud beginning to an exquisite pursuit by our Ulaganayagan, Padma Bushan Kamal Haasan’s very own exotic classy stream of khaddar clothing brand; KH House of Khaddar.


Hosting the show adored with an eloquent touch of style and grace knitted to perfection on his attires, Amritha Ram, Kamal Haasan’s personal fashion designer for the show never failed to gauge our eyes with admiration for her chic designs.

Image Credit: KH House of Khaddar Official Twitter Page

Now, with the release of his clothing line, fans and fashion enthusiasts alike have the privilege of experiencing the sneaks into the much favoured star’s wardrobe and incorporating his elegant attire as our own.

Image Credit: NewsBugz

The spark to the venture was ignited through his political campaign when he visited the weavers of Kanchipuram. The actor decided to start a Khadi branding company with several foreign designers alongside Amritha Ram as a significant crew member of the team. 

Image Credit: KH House of Khaddar Official Twitter Page

KH House of Khaddar would make a worldwide shipping consisting of casual and couture pieces!

The material used for the clothing line is of premier quality with an unique element of versatility possessing an ability keep the user warm during winter and cool during summer. The material could adapt to the changes of weather and its surroundings.

Image Credit: NewsBugz

In line with the clothing enterprise, is another subsidiary under the name We Dye For You performing as the apparel’s dyeing section where all designs would be dyed with high end dyeing properties that are all environmental friendly.

This clothing line is sure to rock the entire fashion industry as it embarks upon the highly competitive haute couture industry with its finest quality clothing.