Between the innocent PDAs, heart-warming moments and #CoupleGoals posts, some Insta-famous Malaysian Indian couples have crept into our hearts effortlessly.  We are guilty of watching the trail of Instagram stories and double tapping up sweet photos of lovebirds on the virtual world.

If you are looking for some sweetness online, here are 5 Insta-Famous Malaysian Indian couples you have to follow:


1. Kesavan & Pashini

What is there not to love about this couple that is taking over Instagram by storm. Actor Pashini and fitness coach Kesavan have been going strong for a few years now and show no sign of slowing down. Over the years, we saw the couple support each other through overseas jobs, fitness competitions and the lost of loved ones.

Kesavan and Pashini keep it candid with their huge following on social media and share a glimpse fo their lives with their audience everyday. The lovebirds have also started a business in fitness together.

2. Aanantha & Maalini

When we say twirling around in love, we literally mean it with this couple!

Popular Malaysian RJ Aanantha and Maalini are, both, partners in dance and partners in life. The duo often post videos of them tactfully doing the salsa with honey-dripping captions to match the mood.

If anything, we can’t wait for more dance videos from this lovely pair.

3. Rubini & Shan

These two are serving us looks, all day err day, with their posts. Rubini Sambanthan and Shan Ratnam are Malaysian models who met and fell deeply in love a few years ago.

The duo have been seen on numerous magazine spreads, advertisements, brand campaigns, runways and glamorous events. Rubini and Shan share a raw connection with each other and have been very vocal about the ups and downs in their lives.

Here’s to always keeping it real!

4. Varhoon & Nikita

Here is another one from #TeamGoodLooking.

Between a lean and toned physique and perfectly asymmetrical faces, Varhoon and Nikita are just too much good-looking for us to handle. The couple are often seen on each other’s social media and are committed to making their dreams come true.

We just get enough of these two!

5. Drs Revady & Attell

Dr Revady and Dr Attell and their cute little family are all sorts of goals on Instagram.

The couple are committed to inspiring people and elevating consciousness through elaborate messages of wisdom and learning. The duo have been blessed with two beautiful children and are often seen in cute photos. Dr Revady and Dr Attell run a private practice called Klinik AR Medicare and are often creating awareness on common health issues.

Dr Revady’s love for fashion is also seen through her OOTD photos that are interspersed with the insightful and profound messages she shares online.