Neha Mondal Chakravarty Speaks Dance, Draupadi & Dreams Of Empowerment

Neha Mondal Chakravarty is a prominent name in the Bharatanatyam fraternity and has travelled the world showcasing the ancient art form.
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Neha is set to perform a solo Bharatanatyam theatre production called “The Unheard Plea” in Malaysia on 10 May 2019 at the Temple of Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur. The danseuse from New Delhi premiered “The Unheard Plea” at The Drive East Festival in New York, USA and received rave reviews from critics.
‘Neha who juxtaposes the intense footwork of her intense Bharatanatyam training with subtle and softer movements of her upper body offers her take on Draupadi as a part of the Drive East Festival’
The New York Times

The Unheard Plea is a 75 minute solo dance theatre presented with English dialogues and lyrics in Sanskrit and Manipravalam to accompany the modern adaptation of the Indian mythology. This project is her brainchild, through the eyes of accomplished Mohiniattam Danseuse, Priya Krishnadas, who immediately responded and consented to the idea. The music has been composed by Delhi based carnatic vocalist and Composer Smt. Sudha Raghuraman.

The script and the original songs written for “The Unheard Plea” was conceived and conceptualised around Draupadi’s life. Neha dazzles the audience as she potrays Draupadi ranging from being naive to arrogant, as a strategist at the same time an opportunist, being in love and out of love, eventually acted as a catalyst in getting her closer to her destined purpose in life. The songs are penned by Dr. C.K Jayanthi who is a sanskrit scholar and Shri Suman Pokhrel, a multilingual poet, lyricist, playwright and translator from Nepal.


“The Unheard Plea” is a nod in the direction of raising awareness on women empowerment through art and theatre.

Varnam catches up with Neha Mondal Chakravarty just before “The Unheard Plea”.