Thaipusam is a time of prayer, devotion, vows and kavadis. It is also synonymous with the largest gathering of Lord Muruga devotees and onlookers, particularly at the Batu Caves temple in Kuala Lumpur.

The festival, however, has a dark side. The rubbish. Thousands of people throng the temple and peruse the makeshift stalls only to leave behind mounds of rubbish strewn about, overflowing bins and even leftover prayer items.

Here’s the good news. You can make this Thaipusam different. With your help, Clean Thaipusam 2020 is going to make the festival a litter-free one. Headed by filmmaker JK Wicky, Clean Thaipusam comprises of a group of individuals who are dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness of the temple compound, while creating awareness on the how to be kinder to the environment.

Image credit: Clean Thaipusam Facebook Page

Last year, Clean Thaipusam was praised for taking the initiative to pick up the litter at Batu Caves during the Thaipusam weekend. Thanks to the encouraging support, this year, the team aims to clean two temples in addition to Batu Caves. Clean Thaipusam 2020 will also take place in the Thannir Malai Temple, Penang and the Kallumalai Temple in Ipoh.

Sounds interesting? We thought so. Clean Thaipusam 2020 needs you to volunteer to help keep our temple compounds pristine. Here is why you NEED to be a part of this.

Image credit: Clean Thaipusam Facebook page

Let’s do better.

Thaipusam is known to be the largest gathering of Malaysian Indians in the country. Sadly, the state of the temple compound leaves is embarrassing to say the least. Let’s do better this year, and pick up after ourselves. Clean Thaipusam is an excellent place to start!

It’s going to be fun!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be at Batu Caves, partake in the Thaipusam festivities, and leave with minimal rubbish? They’re helping the temple out, doing the environment some good, and from the pictures of last year’s Clean Thaipusam, it’s safe to say that they all had fun doing it!

Hands that serve

It is often said that hands that serve are holier than lips that pray. Volunteering with Clean Thaipusam is ALL you need to do to as your bit of seva, or service. Consider it your personal social responsibility project. No point praying for a better world, when you pass on the opportunity to act on it, right?

Just a few hours!

If you just pictured your Thaipusam weekend to be spent picking up rubbish from dawn to dusk, you are terribly mistaken. All Clean Thaipusam requires is a few hours of your time! If you’re feeling it, sign up for another slot. Check out the time slots for Clean Thaipusam here.

Something bigger than no more straws

How many of us have done away with plastic straws and bags for the sake of the environment? Here’s your chance to do something bigger. Join the volunteers and help out at Clean Thaipusam. Not only will you be keeping the temple premises clean, you’ll also be doing a lot more for the environment!

Image credit: Clean Thaipusam Facebook Page

A really good cause

Ultimately, Clean Thaipusam is one of those good causes with no ulterior motives. The team behind it just want to emphasise good hygiene, and rid our community of the littering mentality. The organisers will also provide gloves and other tools required to clean up at the venue. How can you not support a cause this good?

No money needed, only time

Those of us who want to help the world out, but cannot due to financial constraints, here is your chance. Clean Thaipusam does not require any money, only your time and effort. In fact, join and you’ll get a FREE T-shirt to wear on while you get to work!

Image credit: Clean Thaipusam Facebook Page

Let’s make Malaysia proud

Thaipusam is one of the most coveted festivals for tourists and photographers from around the world. Add to that 2020 being Visit Malaysia Year, Batu Caves is going to be packed not only with devotees, but also tourists. Let’s not leave them with the false impression that Malaysians are litterbugs.

The team behind Clean Thaipusam has this to say to everyone.

Here’s your chance to be the change you want to see.

To sign up for Clean Thaipusam 2020, click here. Check them out on Facebook here.