As simple as the title sounds, I know life gets in the way and makes us wonder,

” Is life really that simple?”

The answer is yes and no. Our life can be simple if we decide to use a third person view on our problems. We get so consumed with our own problems and think that our problems are the most difficult ones. But, if you have realised, when a friend reaches out to you and share their problems, we often have an idea of how to solve it. I would sometimes wonder,

” Why is she getting worked up for this? It is so simple.”

Then I would also realise that, it seems simple to me because I am the third person in this whole situation. That was the day that I decided, I am going to try this approach. I am going to try to look at my problems from that angle and it has really changed my life. I can’t say that I instantly would feel this way about my problems, but after one or two days, I would be able to regulate my emotions and start to detach myself from the situation I would be facing. Remember, it’s baby steps and please do not be hard on yourself.

So let me drop one of the biggest truth bomb in my life here!

Phil Dunphy, Modern Family

“The most amazing things that can happen to a human being will happen to you, if you just lower your expectations”

Yes, you read that right. Most of our hurt comes from our unrealistic expectations. This could be a result from childhood trauma or an unfinished business in our life. We then take that energy and form an expectation. We unknowingly put that pressure on the people around us. This is a part of life that none of us can escape. We are both the victim and perpetrator. If we just lower them a little, the hurt slowly diminishes.

Coming back to solving problems, looking at it from a third person’s view is a form of lowering expectations and pressure on yourself. When you start doing this to yourself, you will start to feel very liberated. Almost like the feeling of a stone lifting off your shoulders.

When we are growing, it is important to know that we should do it at our own pace. Do not rush anything because that would just defeat the purpose of growth. Like I said, BABY STEPS!

Let me know in the comment box if you have tried it and if it worked for you! Remember, you won’t be able to see results overnight or be able to just turn your life the other direction.Try it today! If you are making a new dish today, lower your expectations and just maybe something amazing could come out of it.

Featured Image Credit: Fashion History/ Love to know