How many of you can’t wait for a sweet escape with your family or perhaps go solo? Are you dreaming of a perfect gateway of sandy breathtaking beautiful beaches, while basking in the cool breeze of Langkawi or simply enjoying the cool chill in Genting Highlands?

Sounds like a perfect holiday dream come true right? Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic forced us all to sit still in our homes, confined to the four walls of our rooms and stuck with the not-so-cool annoying family members, well literally for some of us though.

The Movement Control Order (MCO) had also been one hell of a roller coaster ride for many of us, and it was also mentally suffocating for many. But, as a responsible citizen for the betterment of the nation, we had to go through the 3-month lockdown period.


With that said, all of us deserve a great reward by taking a leave of absence and experiencing the essence of the real world out there, being in touch with mother nature, and simply being free. Here are a few places of interests we can reward ourselves with once the pandemic slows down; 

1Good Luck Cave (Gua Nasib Bagus)

This cave lies in Sarawak, and holds the largest underground natural chamber in the world and is more than 600 m long, 400 m wide and 100 m high.

The stream usually springs 50 metres below the cave entrance, through the wreckage of the collapsed cave entrance. The caverns ascend up to a collapsed area of the roof, then descend down to the river. Within the cave, the spelunkers follow the river up into the cave to the Sarawak Chamber.

It is not hard to visit the cave. If you know how to swim, it’s going to be an advantage as the passage is filled with water most of the time. It is also best to dress accordingly.

It’s not very hard because of the high temperature of the ride, despite the water. But it’s a whole lotta walkin’, from the headquarters to the cave entrance, it’s a four hour walk away. This is often done by staying the night in a base camp, one hour from the cave.

2Glamz at Genting, Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands has always been famous for its theme park and the cable car, but do you know that you can also experience camping there. Wait no further and make your way to Glamz at Genting now. The lodge has a resort atmosphere like none other! 

Glampers can choose from a number of modern tents, most of which are dome-shaped and offer a breathtaking view of the nightfall sky. Picture yourself comfortably in one of its comfy tents, stargazing whilst enjoying the beautiful night sky.

A variety of on-site facilities are made available for you, such as BBQ pits, steam rooms and jacuzzis, all of which add up to an unforgettable stay in this kind of accommodation. The rooms are not soundproof, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. You may also host activities such as weddings, or parties that you had to cancel due to the pandemic.


Terrapuri (Land of Palaces) is a preservation and revival project of the Terengganu Malay Classic house. It highlights 29 antique Terengganu Classic houses (between 100-250 years old) in a revamped grandeur and luxuriously restored as residential villas with air conditioning and ceiling fans.

Heritage villas have a traditional local décor. The architecture of the resort is influenced by the 17th century Terengganu Palace and its surroundings consists of 20 exclusive restored villas, a gallery and a beach house.

By day, coconut trees sway in the midst of sea breeze with breathtaking views of Pulau Perhentian, Lang Tengah, Pulau Cepu, Redang and Bidong islands, glistening in emerald iridescent just offshore. Fireflies glow at dusk, while marine-going green turtles and painted terrapins lay their eggs on the white sandy beaches in varying seasons.

4Pulau Babi Besar, Mersing

Pulau Babi Besar in Johor is slated as one of the most beautiful islands to be known and the most popular beach spots in Malaysia. Surprisingly though, many locals have yet to step food on this enchanting island.

Hence, the best time to visit Pulau Babi Besar is from April to September, due to the sunny and hot climate. The island is best left uninhibited during the rainy season which falls in November to February.

Perhaps its time for us locals to discover this amazing hidden gem of a beach! I know I will.

Ok ok calm down! I know how much this excites you. But we are still facing a global pandemic and in the midst of combating the outbreak, we’re going to keep our preparations for later. But there is no harm in planning for your much awaited trip, though. However, this pandemic will soon end if we cooperate as a community.

So don’t stress about it or get discouraged that you don’t get to go on vacation now. Let’s be patient. Remember, after every storm, there’s a rainbow.