Singer and voice artist Chinmayi Sripaada filed her nomination for the President post at the Dubbing Union. She along with her faction Ramarajyam were all set to take on Radha Ravi, who had ousted her from the Union as she took his name during the #MeToo movement.

The nominations submitted for the Dubbing Union election were scrutinised and retired judge Mr Ravi dismissed Chinmayi’s petition saying that she is not eligible to contest as per the rules and bye-laws of the Union.

What is wrong with these people!


Radha Ravi was declared as the winner as there was no opposition for him.

Chinmayi was furious to know that her petition has been dismissed stating that she is not a member. After being ousted from the Union, she approached the Court and got an interim order against her ban.

She wrote on Twitter, “Mr Radha Ravi has won Unopposed’ and they rejected my nomination it seems. Despite the fact that my interim order says I have all the rights to be a member. I dont understand how the Honble Retired Justice Sri Ravi decided I am not a member when the Court says so. The point of having an election officer is to make sure that the elections wre conducted in a far manner. And then said election officers decide I am not a member of the Dubbing Union based on whose orders? Mr Radha Ravi’s orders? Anyway I’ll take this up legally. Mr Radha Ravi will have to stand opposed. Whatever said and done. And the Ramarajyam team stands precisely for that reason. (sic)”\

Back in 2018, Chinmayi had received a message from an anonymous person about Radha Ravi’s predatory behaviour during the #MeToo movement.

She posted the message and also revealed that he runs the Dubbing Union according to his own rules. Her comments received the wrath of Radha Ravi and other Union members, which resulted in a ban for nearly two years.

After getting an interim junction against her ban, Chinmayi dubbed for Kalyani Priyadarshan in PS Mithran’s Hero starring Sivakarthikeyan.