Every phone screen and social media platforms were flashed with the face of our homeboy after winning the last season of BiggBoss in Tamil Nadu. He earned a name for himself for his exquisite masterpiece “Sathiyama” sung in the house and his humble demure.

As he evolved into the cine world upon BiggBoss, movie offers to star alongside prominent actors and actresses came to his doorstep by renowned industry directors. The offers that were made available to him bountifully were taken up by Mugen.


It is also learnt that Mugen signed up for three Kollywood movie deals! The first movie title of his debut was recently revealed by Shirdi Productions and Mugen Rao himself via their respective social media handles!

It is heralded that the movie would be a thriller while the film’s title and the lead role are to behold the same name as “Vettri”. Mugen Rao is said to be playing the main role and former Miss India, Anukreethy Vas will be seen playing the female lead role with him, other characters present in the movie are Kishore, who would be playing quite a significant role alongside them.  

In an interview with the Times of India, Mugen Rao revealed his ultimate goal and dream was to make it big in the star-studded Indian cinema. He was quoted as saying, “My journey from Malaysia to Chennai is the first triumph of my life.” 

His biggest wish was to do a project in India and appearing on Bigg Boss became a Pathway for Him to make his way into the Indian film industry.

In this thriller genre, Mugen could be seen playing the role of a college engineering student “Vettri’. As cliche as it sounds “Vettri ensembles the meaning of success, hence just as his first international success brought him stardom, this movie is sure to grace him into the limelight.

Go on and make Malaysia proud, Mugen!

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