We doubt we’ll ever be able to forget Arya’s reality TV show, Enga Veetu Mapillai.

The show ran, which is India’s version of The Bachelor, for over two months with all of us glued to the TV screen every night. However, the show had the most disappointing ending – Arya said he could not choose a bride from the Top 3 as he could bear hurting the girls.

Arya Did Not Choose A Winner For Enga Veetu Mapillai

The hunky actor still remains unmarried until now.

However, things are different with his younger brother. Several online sources report that Arya’s youngest brother Sathya is all set to marry his college sweetheart. Sathya will be getting married to Bhavana, and the wedding will take place in Chennai on the 22nd of June.

Congratulations, Sathya! But we’re still waiting to know who will Arya finally succumb to…