WATCH: Kollathedi Music Video by Keru and Pixel WPH


The Malaysian music seems to level up with every release, and here’s one more to add to it. Kollathedi, a single by singer-songwriter Keru was released earlier this week. The official music video was produced by Pixel WPH.

Kollathedi is a gut wrenching song about a man who is sorry for his actions and wants his partner back in his life. This was depicted beautifully through the video directed by V. G. Ravyn Manogaran.

The music video is well thought out. Scenes of Keru singing in a cluttered dimly lit studio that represents his tormented mind are interspersed with flashbacks of him and his partner.  It is usually difficult to watch the lead pair act out intimate scenes in local Tamil productions. But the chemistry between Keru and female lead Vaisha was fantastic.

Logen Mangoran’s cinematography does the story justice, and it gave the music video that painful feel needed to empathize with the lead character. The excellent bathtub scene has really set the bar high for local music videos. And if you’re wondering why the song is stuck in your head, it’s because Kollathedi was composed and arranged by Lawrence Soosai!

Kollathedi is a brilliant offering by some very hardworking people. Kudos to the team behind the music video. Pixel WPH revealed that they are working on another music video for a local artist at the moment and we are ecstatic. We cannot wait to see what else is in store on the Malaysian Tamil music front!