Yes, you read that right!

Local music artist, Santesh, released his highly anticipated tune, Jiwang, earlier this week. The tune tells a story of romance between husband and wife.


Written and produced by Santesh himself, Jiwang has racked up an amazing 150,000 views on YouTube.

31 year old Santesh is one of the few Malaysian Indian singers to cross over to the Malay market and garner a huge following there. His song, Amalina, currently has 31 million views on YouTube and tells the story of star crossed lovers from different ethnic backgrounds.

The Klangite has been in the music industry for close to 8 years now, and he already has five albums under his belt.

Jiwang has a complete Malaysian feel, making it perfect for us to break into a kuthu pattu dance number. Check out Santesh’s latest tune here.