Remember a couple of months ago, ASTRO announced that they will be searching for Tamil rapers around Malaysia! Well guess what, they have announced their top 8 contestants!

The top 8 contestants of RAP Porkalam, Malaysia’s first Tamil rap competition have been shortlisted based more than 327,000 online votes received from 29 January till 4 February 2020, as follows:


ContestantNumber of votes received from Stage 1
Ruben Raj33,806
Silverstate Tamizhan26,307
Naren Zac25,443

Meanwhile, it was the end of the journey for contestants Tharagai, CJ Satish, Mizta Nesh, Puchi, Raklcc Visun, Lucifer, AK Shoun, and Wheelchair Rapper who did not qualify to Stage 2 by a small margin of votes.

The top 8 contestants will proceed to battle it out in Stage 2 to earn their spot as a finalist of RAP Porkalam. Watch new episodes of RAP Porkalam, every Saturday, 7pm with an encore on Sunday, 9pm on Vinmeen HD on TV (CH231), Astro GO or on demand. For more information, visit

We cannot wait to hear more of their tracks! Good luck to everyone!