Super Singer contestant, Ajay Krishnaa has always captivated our hearts with his charming voice! This time around he went the extra mile when he choose to render a Malaysian Tamil song. 

The young vocalist has taken to social media to give a glimpse of the rendition of the all time favourite hit ”Kanavellam Neethane” 

Many netizens showed love and appreciation towards Ajay’s singing for the way in which he expresses himself in the song.


The video released on his Instagram profile, has since garnered more than 100,000 views and 31,877 likes.

“Kanavellam Neethane” is a trademark melody from our homegrown Malaysian singer, Dhilip Varman. The melodious tune was originally composed by the singer himself and released in 2010. Dhilip’s album is always studded with poignant lyrics, and “Kanavellam Neethane” was a crown jewel. 

Thank you for sharing this little moment of pure bliss, Ajay! It sure has made our day 🙂

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