SP Bala is one of the finest playback singers in Indian cinema’s history. Throughout his career, over 40,000 songs in as many as 16 different languages were sung by him. He was an actor and was one of the world’s most potent musicians.

His sudden death sometime this year, surely swamped the entire industry and the world with a wave of overwhelming sadness. Many musicians came forward bringing their own glory of tribute to pay respect to the maestro of music.



Touching our soul with all the handpicked beautiful renditions, this tribute video leaves us smoothen and mesmerised with Anirudh’s own touch that he has brought about to SPB’s song giving it adequate justice with this tribute for the King of Music!

This video brings back streams of memories and songs rendered by the eccentric singer. His songs have never failed to be the warmth of comfort during all of our special moments in life.

Isai Anjali is presented to us by Brooke Bond 3 Roses, a label that strives for harmony, bringing music enthusiasts across continents, cultures, languages and countries together.

The special tribute signifies the convergence of musicians who honour the legendary SPB  with Srinivas, Anirudh Ravichander, Haricharan and Uthara Unnikrishnan. 

The lyrics to Isai Anjali was creatively penned by Madhan Karky, birthing a heartfelt re-creation of #Anjali.

Years may come along together with many other new singers recreating your piece, but music will forever miss you SPB!

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