We would like to congratulate and give a huge round of applause to our beloved home boys, Mugen Rao, and also RK Arvin, for successfully landing a spot in A.R. Rahman’s Maajja.

Our local music industry is flourishing day by day and this platform is clearly a game changer for Malaysian talents.

Maajja is a platform which aims to amplify the voices of independent musicians from South Asia.

Along with our Malaysian artists, the announcement video also features several other independent artists and bands from South India, including Siennor, Leon James, Maalavika Sundar, Karthik Devaraj, Shan Vincent De Paul and Yanchan, Pradeep Kumar, Tenma and Gaana Muthu, Two’s A Company, The Casteless Collective, NXT Sister Duo, Sathyaprakash, Sakthi Amaran, Sarika, Contra and Eboshi of Cartel Madras, Pravinin and Eboshi of Cartel Madras. 

Rahman also launched Yaall, a global music festival in Chennai, as a maiden initiative under Maajja. The initiative is called “a cultural renaissance” by Rahman.

A.R. Rahman hopes to “elevate the world class talent” to a global scale. For us, it’s indeed a proud moment as our boys Mugen Rao and RK Arvin are teaming up with the legendary A.R. Rahman.