Singaporean-born, international rising star; Yung Raja is out with his new single; Mami, flaming up the gram with his amazing upbeat tune!

Yung Raja’s breakthrough in the United States continues with the release of “Mami” on Alamo Records, home to some of the hottest hip-hop acts like Lil Durk and Smokepurpp. 


Yung Raja embeds his signature multilingual wordplay into another enticing song brimming with cultural references in MAMI.

Catch The Beat; Mami Here:

The rapper, labeled Southeast Asia’s next avant-garde hip-hop artist for his tasteful blend of English and Tamil lyricism, renders his global debut today with the psychedelic, trap-heavy new single crafted by long-time collaborator Flightsch.

Yung Raja is on a mission to fill the gulf between Southeast Asia’s force and the mainstream music lexicon.

Yung Raja has now been included in NME’s 100 lists, becoming the first Singaporean to be named to the platform’s prestigious “artist to watch” list.

Yung Raja continues to win the moniker with “Mami,” highlighting what he aspires to put to the global stage, meddling with a sound that is both foreign and familiar to music fans everywhere.

The rapper’s recent singles have centered on the Indian rapper’s roots, identity, and freewheeling way of life in Singapore.

With his Alamo Records debut, “Mami,” Yung Raja highlights his remarkable ability to bridge and amalgamate all cultures. The use of the word “Mami” is a long-standing practice in many languages and in hip-hop party anthems.

“Mami” is another precisely engineered party diss track. Flightsch’s intuitive use of trap beats echoes Yung Raja’s effortless playfulness and goofy flirtation in both English and Tamil, churning this tune to a killer hit among millennials!

The track is inculcated with Yung Raja’s snappy and evocative wordplay, catching the brief highs that come with a love pursuit and showing that the 26-year-old rapper’s humor, confidence, and craft are all endearing trademarks.

Awash in vibrant colors and a psychedelic haze, the rapper can be seen surfing on dollar notes, climbing on piles of saris and jewels, and partying in a variety of settings, including decadent hotel rooms, department stores, and a nondescript factory — where a “Mami” doll comes to life in front of an oblivious Yung Raja.

It’s a lighthearted and engrossing romp that breathes fresh life and excitement into the mundane! Be sure to check the beat out now folks!