Looks like Bigg Boss season 2 is off to an awkward start.

Bigg Boss 2 is one of the most anticipated reality TV show to hit the screens this year. This second season will see 16 contestants locked in a house with each other, while undertaking tasks and challenges for a 100 days.

First season’s favourite contestant Oviya made a return to the show and it garnered a lot of positive reactions from fans of the show. However, her presence on the show was short-lived.

When Oviya returned to the show, Oviya received a special set of instructions from Kamal Haasan. Oviya cannot tell anyone that she is only there as a guest. Instead, she had to convince everyone that she was there as a contestant.

However, her suitcase blew her cover. Oviya only had one suitcase with her, and after probing, the other contestants found that it only contained water bottles. It then became clear that she was never meant to stay on the show.

Aside from that, the contestants were also tasked to elect their first captain on the show. After voting in the confession room, Janani Iyer becomes the first captain of Bigg Boss 2 – which means she will not face elimination in the first week.