It’s day 3 in the Bigg Boss 2 house!

The contestants face their first luxury budget task, led by house captain Janani Iyer.  In that task, all the contestants had to answer questions dressed to them in an envelope. A lot of truths were revealed during that task.

For example, when Sharik was asked who would he pick as a date among all the girls in the house, he picked Aishwarya. However, Yashika said she didn’t feel anything for any of the male contestants in the house.

Dhadhi Balajie was asked to pick a favourite person in the house, and much to everyone’s surprise, he picked Sendrayan. Everyone expected him to pick his wife, Nithya. 

When captain Janani Iyer was asked who was the most beautiful among the female contestants, she mentioned herself. Aside from that, Vaishnanavi said that she is most likely to have a conflict with Janani as both them have strong personalities. Mumtaz also confessed that Daniel irritates her with his loud voice.

Upon completing the task successfully, Bigg Boss announced that they get the full 800 points.

Earlier in the house, Aishwarya Dutta and Yaashika Aanand had a conversation about discrimination in the house. The two were unhappy about how the other contestants make fun of them when they’re speaking about Punjab and West Bengal.


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