For this week’s luxury budget task, Bigg Boss 2 assigned the “thanni-le gandam” challenge to all the participants.

The contestants were divided into two teams, with seven members in each team. Each team was assigned to a water tank. Team members’ task was to stop water from leaking out the tank by only using their hands. The goal is to steal water from the other team – and eventually the team with more water left in the tank will win.

The catch is that if anyone from a particular team commit mistakes like speaking in English or forgetting their microphone, then the other team can call it out and steal their water.


This task went on for days. At one point, Bigg Boss called Mumtaz into the confession room to give her a secret task. If Mumtaz managed to reduce her team’s water level down to 1,200 (the goal is to reach 2,000), then the team will get a generous luxury budget and a special surprise.

Mumtaz took on the task. Much to the wrath of her teammates, Mumtaz pretended to let a few words in English slip, and then also intentionally left her mic in the toilet. She also kept letting water spill out of the tank, at times even letting go and then apologising. Everyone kept scolding her, but she took it.

Finally, she completed the task. When the other contestants found out that Mumtaz only committed those mistakes so they can all enjoy a lavish luxury budget, they felt bad and thanked her for it.

Big Boss congratulated Mumtaz and surprise her with a cake – it was her birthday.