Atcham Thavir is the latest local Tamil movie that is the talk of the town.

The movie revolves around 5 carefree friends who are forced to face their fears after the events of one fateful night.

The film stars renowned local icons like THR’s Geetha, Aanantha, Uthaya, Revathi, rappers Rabbit Mac and Sheezay, Vikadakavi, Kuben Mahadevan, Gana, Alvin, and more.

We were excited to see what role will funnyman Kuben Mahadevan bring to life this time, and we were not disappointed. Kuben took all of us by surprise when he was introduced on screen as Sanchey, a staunch vegan. We expected him to play a role where he’s crazy about food, but this turned out to be a complete opposite.

Source: The Rakyat Post

“Basically Sanchey is a vegan. He may come across as a spiritual man, but he’s actually just selfish,” Kuben told when contacted.

“It was quite challenging, mostly in terms of body language. The way he speaks is quite stiff and serious,” he added.

Want to watch Kuben Mahadevan in action as a vegan in Atcham Thavir? Head over to your nearest cinemas now!