Mohini starring Trisha is now out in cinemas. In this horror movie, Trisha plays a dual role for the first time in her career. When Trisha first started her career in Indian cinema just like most actresses do, appearing as damsel distresses and dance pieces alongside heroes like Vijay and Ajith. In recent years, she has grown into one of the few actresses who is actually given opportunities to headline movies — another name that comes to mind is Nayanthara.

In a recent interview with Firstpost, Trisha commented on the number of offers she has been getting recently.

Of late, there has been a bevvy of good women-centric films in Tamil, and it’s increasing by the day. If I receive ten film offers, nine of them are for heroine-oriented movies.

In that same interview, Trisha also commented on what it takes to make a successful movie. She had this to say:

A good story is essential for the success of a film. Even if it’s a big star film, audiences will turn it down if the script is weak.

Mohini is now playing in Malaysian cinemas. Do check it out and let us know whatchu think!