Over the past few months, there has been a revolt of sorts in the Indian film fraternity. The hashtag #metoo has been trending thanks to singer and dubbing artist Chinmayi Sripaada. Numerous allegations of sexual harassment and assault have finally seen the light of day.

A few hours ago, Chinmayi shared snapshots of some threats she received on Instagram. And they are really unsettling. TW/CW: Sexual assault.

And if you’re wondering what precipitated this vicious attack, this could be it.

The threats were issued by an Instagram user, @randise.lee, which appears to be a fake profile. Chinmayi received responses from Twitterati commending her strength in dealing with threats like these. According to her, she receives these lewd, vulgar messages many times in a day.

Chinmayi has gotten tremendous support from some quarters of the Tamil film fraternity, with many other women coming out to tell their stories. Others, however, have kicked the issue to the curb, claiming Chinmayi is an attention seeker, while standing up for Vairamuthu and the others accused of sexual harassment.

In a glaring act by the Tamil Nadu Dubbing Union, Chinmayi’s membership was terminated. This means that she cannot dub anymore for movies.¬†According to them, Chinmayi has been removed from the union for not paying the subscription fees for the past two years.

The singer claims that this step has been taken by actor Radha Ravi, who has been rumoured to run the dubbing union like a mafia. Radha Ravi is one of the many actors in the Tamil film fraternity who were accused of sexual harassment. Chinmayi backed several women who accused Radha Ravi of the crime.

Chinmayi chooses to stay positive, and tweeted, “At least i ended my Tamil career on a good note with 96,”