A nightclub in Bangsar called Madras has quickly become a favourite among Tamil music lovers. The waiting queue outside the club is long as many try to get in to get a glimpse of their favourite band or DJ.

However, Madras landed hot soup after neighbours in the surrounding residential area complained of excessive noise from the club. The Lembah Pantai Member of Parliament (MP), Fahmi Fadzil, who happened to be in the area recorded a short clip of the club from the outside and posted the video on Twitter.

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MP Fahmi Fadzil

The video shows the exterior of the club and the clearly audible sound of drums and a woman singing on the microphone. The MP was at Jalan Telawi 3 on the night of 12 May to inspect the noise disturbances after complaints from residents in the area.

Within 15 hours after the Tweet was posted, the owner of Madras met up with MP Fahmi Fadzil to apologise for the loud noises. The MP also promised to hold a meeting with all the entertainment outlet owners in Bangsar to address this issue.