Nur Amirah Filzah Badioezaman, known by her stage name Mira Filzah is a well known Malaysian actress, model and host that has been trending all over social media as she uploaded a clip of herself donning a lehenga and lip -syncing to a Hindi song.   

A Twitter user , Eashwarya Andy (@eshwaaaaarya) commented on how Mira profits off the Indian culture by wearing the traditional outfit.

Source: Twitter

The motive intended for good, however took a bad turn attracting an outrage of backlashes and negative reactions from fans.

Immediately, upon the backlash caused by the event, she expressed her apology by clarifying, “I’ve always been a fan of Bollywood movies since I was small. I even memorised all the songs and Googled the lyrics to understand the song deeply.” 

She explained how she has always been a fan of Bollywood and adored the full on bridal lengha and wished to done it since a child, “As a huge fan of Bollywood, it’s always been my dream to wear a full lehgha (traditional Indian wedding dress) just like Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai. When I received the offer for the commercial shoot, the image of Aishwarya Rai’s coloured eyes came to mind. So, I was the one who suggested the Bollywood theme to the brand owner.

The renowned actress whom has made debuts in movies like Sarang that garnered a place at an International OTT platform, Netflix, replied to fellow Malaysians stating that “Again, there’s no intention at all to gain any profit from the Indian culture itself. I’m just a die hard fan of Bollywood and I am sorry if you think what I did was wrong,” clearly wanting to resolve matters sooner. 

Source: Twitter via MStar

Mira was extremely humble and dealt the matter with mere professionalism and humbleness.

After valid clarification made by Mira Filzah, Eashwarya, took to her personal account to apologise to the actress upon the negative reaction it provoked among netizens due to the misleading information accusing the actress for wearing an traditional indian outfit to promote her product.

Though both Mira and Eshwarya have evidently achieved good terms, the subject is still being the talk of the town especially by netizens.

Twitter user @MinJoohyun has recently confirmed that the designer for Mira’s dress is supposedly an Indian Muslim, supporting Mira’s motives.

Netizens have made a tread on Twitter showing their support towards Mira Filzah requesting Eashwaryaa to apologise for her comment. Eashwaryaa’s twitter account has recently been set to private. 

This has clearly proven that, what Mira Filzah has done is actually not cultural appropriation but cultural appreciation!

As Malaysians, we should appreciate the fact Mira Filzah embraces our traditional outfit  with such elegance and pride!