The husband and wife team of Denes Kumar and Dr Vimala Perumal are aristocrats among the Malaysian Tamil film fraternity. So it was only apt that the dress code for the premiere of their latest flick, Vedigundu Pasange was royal yellow.

Produced by Veedu Productions and heavily backed by Astro, this movie is set to hit screens on the 26th of July nationwide. The movie will also be playing on screens in India, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. Vedigundu Pasange boasts a star studded local cast, with names like Denes Kumar, Sangeetha Krishnasamy, Kuben Mahadevan, Alvin, David Anthony and Magen Vikadakavi.

Here’s what we loved about the movie, as well as some suggestions for improvement:

Vivek-Mervin’s splendid music

The young duo has done the music for this film justice. We thoroughly enjoyed Denes’ cliched hero introductory song, “Vaada Vilayaadu” which was accompanied by vibrant thiruvizha colours and colourful costumes. Oh, and Balan Kashmir’s cameo appearance induced a roar of applause from the audience!

“Ponnu so semme cantik, semme lawa, semme semme!”


“Vizhiye Kalangathey” was another song we fancied, with beautiful lyrics by Ko Sesha and voiced by Sathyaprakash and Sakthisree Gopalan.

Technically, it was brilliant

Vedigundu Pasange’s cinematography deserves a special mention. The paddy fields of Sekinchan were depicted beautifully throughout the movie. The locations selected were apt, and really showed us city dwellers what a small town life is like.

Chemistry: On point!

The actors had great on screen chemistry, particularly between Denes, Kuben Mahadevan and Alvin. The banter exchanged between them felt very real and more importantly, very Malaysian. David Anthony was a joy to watch on screen. Magen Vikadakavi’s performance was on point as usual. Seelan, who always gives us comedic roles, broke out of his comfort zone and showed us an emotional side.

Overall, the acting was pretty good in terms of dialogue delivery and most of the actors seemed to emote well, except a few.

A cynic’s treat

Vedigundu Pasange subtly hurled insults at our Malaysian quota system and racial profiling, all of which was thoroughly enjoyable. Kudos to the people behind the script in this area, as this is something that we need more of in local Tamil movies.

Room for improvement

There were a lot of good jokes in the movie, but we felt that it was a bit unnecessary to poke fun at both Coco Jelly and Jing Cha’s weight throughout the film.

The promotional material for Vedigundu Pasange promised a story centered around snatch thefts and other social ills plaguing the Malaysian Indian community. The movie, however, focused more on the love story. We would have liked it better if the movie delved deeper into the social problems.

Overall, the movie was enjoyable, and for a local Tamil movie, that says a lot. Should you watch it? Yes. Watch, be critical, and voice out what you’d like to the filmmakers. The local Tamil industry has improved by leaps and bounds, all because of said support and constructive criticism.

We look forward to a day when Malaysian Tamil movies fare better in the box office than our Tamil Nadu counterparts. With Vedigundu Pasange, it is obvious that that day is nearing. Congratulations, team!

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