There has been plenty of speculation surrounding Bigg Boss Tamil 2. But amidst the many rumours about the show being scripted or rigged to save certain contestants, the lotus who bloomed beautifully throughout was Mumtaz.

Fans of the show appear divided, with half being elated with her exit. The rest insist that Mumtaz should be a finalist, puzzling at why contestants who do nothing but throw tantrums appeal to those voting.

Regardless, we’ve compiled a list of what we’ve learnt from Mumtaz throughout her Bigg Boss journey. Read on!


Always put yourself first

Mumtaz never failed to put herself first, even verbalizing it a few times throughout the show. While some considered this selfish or self centered, we beg to differ. If you don’t see yourself as worthy of something, how can you expect others to do so? Mumtaz knew her self worth and was never apologetic about it.

You can ALWAYS say no, and no means NO

It was a proud moment when Mumtaz uttered her parting words while on stage with Kamal Hassan, “Never be afraid to say no, and no means NO!” While she addressed the statement to women everywhere, we firmly believe that this applies to all genders. It was poetic in a way, as Mumtaz speculated that her exit was caused by her refusing to dye her hair to save Rithvika. She was true to herself then, and true to herself that night as she gracefully accepted her elimination.

Shouting matches are unnecessary

There is a saying that goes, “When a dog barks at you, don’t bark back,” Mumtaz embodied this throughout the days when the other housemates verbally assaulted her. She didn’t feel the need to retaliate, and maintained her composure in spite of being disrespected. Her patience was a joy to watch, while the others made a mockery of themselves.

Forgive, don’t forget. Or do you?

While she claimed to never forget the betrayal she faced, towards the end of her stay, it sure seemed like she had a memory lapse. It was difficult to watch a few of the lunatics in the house scream their heads off at Mumtaz, and simply exasperating to watch the way she dealt with them. She eventually forgave the loony bins, and returned to showering them with love and affection. Perhaps this is what got her eliminated? Regardless, forgiveness is a powerful tool, one that needs to be wielded more often. As for forgetting, we aren’t so sure.

You don’t need to change

Mumtaz was the one person who was herself throughout the show. She never felt the need to be fake, nor to change for anyone. Her content vibe was infuriating to the rest. Even when her faults were brought to light, she merely accepted it and said, “Well this is who i am,”. This can easily be misconstrued as being arrogant and stubborn, she is also accepting that fundamentally, that is who she is. It is a near impossible feat to make someone change, and Mumtaz has understood this. She admits to her faults, and her self acceptance is something we all wish we had.

Mumtaz, you are love personified. Keep doing you and success will line your path. We wish Mumtaz the very best on her journey in the Tamil film industry!