A video of two kaalai maadu (bulls) struggling to pull the Thaipusam chariot has gone viral on Facebook and earned the wrath of netizens.

The video shows both bulls trying their hardest to pull the 127-year-old chariot and failing because of the amount of weight on the chariot. Footage show their mouths foaming and the bulls appear to look extremely fatigued.

Many Facebook users lashed out at the 15 people on board the chariot, criticising them for exploiting the bulls and showing no compassion.

“How can 2 cow pull a thaipusam chariot with 15 buffalo on that chariot? Never seen this kind of incident,” one Facebook user commented.

“This is animal cruelty. Thaipusam in Malaysia. The Cow is force to pull the chariot which is tons of heavy weight,” another Facebook user said.

Watch the video here:

Here’s another footage from Georgetown earlier that day: